Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Movie Review: Naan Kadavul

Few heads up before I start.
Language: Tamil
Cast: Arya, Pooja.
Story & Direction: Bala
Music: Mastero

Well, it was an out of the box effort. Bala after Pithamagan ventured into this project two years ago. Each frame shows the effort of the team. To brief, Its a story about an Aghori. Wikipedia says, "Aghori are sect of Hindu who are devotees of Lord Shiva and believed to have the power to liberate a soul from next birth.", Also they are condemned from for their cannibalistic ritual of eating human meat. Yes "Human". If you already got goose bums about watching the movie, this is one half. There is more on the movie to give you goose bums and hick ups.

Certified A: But NO Nudity and NO Violence.

There is yet another unexplored way of human life depicted in the movie. (I will not talk about it..) Because that's the strength of the movie and not a hint was dropped before the movie was released. Pooja: who has proved (or proven by Bala) as a great character actor. She has very well glued in the character and taken the audience in the climax. Credits to her. Bala does it again after Laila in Pithamagan.

You will see bala's presence in each frame. The way he has extracted work from Arya, Pooja and bunch of strangers. Also risking to take such a subject is tremendous. The story line is so well gelled into the movie, the way the life of an Aghori is when he is exposed to normal human life. Also a heavy dose of comedy is an boon to such a serious movie. That is getting to their level and showing reality. This is why many people did not like the movie.

Wonder what is with the Censor board? When its legal to release Hollywood movies like Saw and Hannibal raising Indian theaters in India. What is the problem with movies like this? Why did the censor board work over time to chop scenes out the movie to form their new story line to the public. I would have been happy to put a disclaimer on the movie and then release it then to cut scene like this.

This is not a commercial movie, nor a spiritual one. Its a documentary, an Art film.

Not for Children or Weak hearted or for some one who would puke on seeing a person with external disorder.

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Nikanth Karthikesan said...

No violence? Did you sleep during the movie?

Yes, the censor board and the government treat citizens as illiterates and idiots :(

Vijesh said...

hmm, It was a night show and I was tired after the heavy meal :P

Well, NO violence I mean, no blood shed, no gun shots, not like subramiyapuram auto rickshaw scene. etc..