Saturday, February 21, 2009

You too

Saturday evening, the silver jubilee couple were going out together to get few new dresses for their next anniversary. Then came a ring saying they had got a new mobile. Ah! I was barely able to hear of where they had their ice cream or what mobile they got! Finally after a lift early this morning. He pulls out the black bag (like than of an old grandmother, suruku paii) from his shirt pocket. With all the inquisitiveness I pull out the mobile from the bag, look, I smile, I said, "You too Dad.."

She was excited to see all the items in the polythene cover I had got. Exploring and questioning with her innocence. Then she pulled that book fro the mess and said, "This came to him". Quickly tear open the cover less tidy as 'am. Holding the book between both her palms, then closing two thumbs together to select a random page. Pulled it close to her face to have a long sniff. She said, "This smell is good". I look, I smile, I said, "You to mee".

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Abirami Rajendran said...

Like gift of the magi,only without the haircut and the watch selling :)

What model is it?