Wednesday, February 25, 2009

35 Random Things

16. I'm drinking Horlicks. Its only good to eat directly.
17. There are lot of toys in my work place. (Stress busters you know!)
18. My room mate learns Guitar and I will be one of his first audience. :(
19. I follow Manchester United FC.
20. Got a new Nokia!
21. 02mw21
22. Someone said, "blue is good for eyes". I say, "Not for brain"
23. Lance Armstrong tweets
24. Most electronic items I got now are priced in $ and manufactured in China. Man power!
25. December 25. Capricorn.


Tom Praison said...

Jus curious abt 02mw21

Vijesh said...

Thats one of my good frnd from college..

Anonymous said...

Naanum Horlicks a apdiyae saapduvaen!