Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thank You For Not Smoking

I don have time for twenty questions. From October 2nd Indian Government laid a rule to avoid smoking in public places. The "Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places Rules" states that using tobacco in public places and building is a punishable offense. Huff, now many of us can breathe properly. How many times you have felt, I just want to yell at the fellow sitting at the next table and spoiling your dinner with smoke?

The change is welcome, many (almost all) corporate have changed few sign boards from "smoking zone" to "No smoking". But what is public, can you define public? Yes this one describes better. Also note the list of person who can collect fine. It was interesting to me. But the new trend I'm noticing in Bangalore is smoking when you are driving. Is it really public to sit inside your car and smoke? Does it matter when someone drifts across innering road and smokes? To me, I really don matter. Just that it has reduced almost 70% of smoking in the city. Thank You for Not Smoking.

How is it in your city?


Betina said...

Here in Denmark it is also forbidden to smoke in public buildings and has been for many years.
The new thing that really has had the Danes arguing pro and cons is the law that forbids smoking in bars and restaurants. Only in bars under 40 square meters you can smoke. (Can you imagine going into that room?)

Well, being a non-smoker again (quit two years ago using the Allen Carr book) I sure am glad that it is possible to go out and not breathing in smoke anymore.

Vijesh said...

Hi Betina. Welcome! Yup 40sq mts. You need not spoke. Just need to get into the room and stay for 2 min, it would suffice a full cigarette.

Good to hear that Denmark also has such. Now that more and more ppl will breathe good air.

Also it would be interesting to know how you landed up here. :)

Betina said...

Thanks for the welcome :-) as you can see, I am now a "follower". I look forward to the feature coming to non-english blogs soon.

Sometimes you just don't know how you end up on some pages - there should be some sort of reconstruction feature. I think it was at the Blogger in Draft I came to your blog(?)