Sunday, December 14, 2008

02mw02 <3 02mw30

You should interpret that title as `Year` followed by `course code` and followed by `id`. This is how the roll numbers of students would be in PSG Tech. So its 2002 batch (hey I was also the same batch...) MSc software Engineering (yeah, I too graduated with the same degree), 02 thats Arun from my class and 30 that's Shruthi from my class.

Finally the Beauty & Geek decided to lead their life together. This wonderful couple is getting engaged today Dec 14th 2008. I wish them all the blessing and a prosperous beginning ahead. I'm will be present to watch the Bride groom blush and meet all my friends. (Snaps: ASAP) Rather than the usual argument of cutting the hair, this time we agreed on it. Also I have approved a hair cut to Arun this time. He did cut a lot. :)

Best Wishes Arun DK & Shruthi.

Update: Photo Credit Arun Ragh.

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Srihari said...

Wishing the couple all the very best for all their future endeavors.