Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Letter to Santa

9th December, 

Dear Santa, 

Loads of Love and Greetings from me! In spite celebrating my Birthday with Christmas, I have never told you my wish list in this 23 years. May be this year I thought I will.. Hope you have time to read apart from combing your beard and preparing for Christmas. No, I promise I wont make the list running kms, But yeah may be top three. 

  • A Nokia N97. Yeah yeah, I can see you murmuring its not in stores yet. Go to Finland you will have them ready there. 
  • A ticket to Manchester United vs Liverpool at Old Trafford Stadium. 
  •                                                                                        :)

I wrote the third one in invisible ink. Privacy issue santa, I can't help it. :P Also tell me when the Polar Express will stop for me, I don want to miss it this time. Sure will be awake on Christmas eve for it. Take Care, feed those reindeer's and drive your 
Happy Christmas!!!

Santa Claus,
P.O. Box 56099,
North Pole, 
Alaska 99705-1099.

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