Sunday, December 28, 2008

A movie review

Technically its a half movie review, Since I entered the theater at half time. I never spoke about why I was late. Its a movie about Dad and his Daughter. The whole movie is a narration by a Dad of how he lived with his Daughter and how he got her married to the guy whom she loved. A typical cottage family in Ooty where the Daughter (trisha) is born and brought up there. Dad (Prakash Raj) is a father who has love for his daughter. The first half of the movie shows how they both share the life together. The adopting a begger at thier home since she liked that guy. Taking her Dad to the center of the lake on a full moon day and celebrate his birthday. Making each others small wishes come true.

The second half of the movie is the phase were trisha tells her love to her parents and marry the guy she loved. Until he gets his Daughter married, Prakash Raj gets butterflies in his stomach. Its every Dad's emotions to get their children married to a nice family. Since the daughter will move away from their home. Also the funny part in the movie is the guy she loves is a Punjabi. Its different tradition, different language, its different food & clothing. Its hilariously portrait how her Dad adopts to the new family and feels the trust of the guy.

Bad Things: Too many senti dialogue!

I would give it a 5 out of 10.

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