Friday, December 26, 2008

25/12/2008 and boxing day

Thank You! Thanks for all those calls, those sms, those mails, those comments, those scraps, those flashy color chocolates, those b'day songs, those cakes, those blessings, those wonderful goodies and this post. All have made this birthday beautiful and memorable. Again Thx all.

Humm, Its boxing day now. I got to pack them, pack them all without any spill overs. Also need to wrap them with those big brown packing tapes that it does not open again. (Mom said, Keep them some where safe so that you can see it one day). I smiled away. We don have any spectacular clash of titans in the Premier League fixtures. But still it would be an exicting boxing day, since never under estimate Stroke City. Its half time now, I'm happy for reds performance and we are 7 points behind them. Promising year ahead.

Once again Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

*pouts* My post is laaaaast in the list :( *runs to the corner to sulk*

PS: If you dint know, Im a major drama-queen!

Vijesh said...

Ask my editor, I wrote that first.. Do I have a reason why I pushed it last.. Yes I separated it out from the rest with that "and"..

That's ok.. I'm happy that you at least try for a drama.. many ppl wont even try for it..