Friday, December 5, 2008


Day: Friday
Date: Some date in December 2006

It was very early morning for him, when the mobile alarm broke the silence in the room. He never gets up in the first ring, but today he did. It was a special day for all. The light was never turned off. He looked around, he could see all those bottles that were emptied last night lying on the corner and few decks of cards are lying carefree. Tries waking up one of his friend, with the assurance that he will not be on the firing line for such unearthly hours. His friend never responded. Fine! He stood up and walked to the door and trying putting his head out side, "What, already people have started?" Searches for the geyser switch and pulls it down.

Dressed up with thick sandal wood color pant, white shirt tucked in and was pulsating with those strong aroma. Others almost slugged in the room, some recollecting the previous night, some watching SS music. He picked up his Nikon and those bazooka lens kit and asked to latch the door from inside. He was really lit up for the day! Crossing a glass towards the end of the corridor he freezes for a second to do a quick examine of how he looks. A perfect 10 for him. :) "He smiles..." He sailed further. He makes a sudden u-turn, oops! he din pick up his tripod. Rushes back to the room to pick them. The corridor is small and finds it with heavy human traffic of kids running. (guess they were playing police and thief).

The mandapam was walkable. It was still dark and December mist was still in the air. He could see the air cooling once out of him. He loved every moment of it. The faint sound of the temple bells reach him, he remembers his mother saying that its good to hear them when going out. He walks across a bridge and a could feel the chillness of the stream that's running below. At the horizon he could see nature started painting the sky with his yellow. It was a spectacle to watch. He resisted his urge to mount that Nikon to the tripod. Soon he walk passed that bridge.

At the immediate right finds the Elephant God, Pilliyar lit up with bright light. They are yet to arrive there. Soon he murmurs his usual prayer, rings the bell once and walks around the temple once as he does every day a year back. Soon people notice that he has come there. With warm and smiling face those girls in the entrance, welcome him. With a small streak of sandalwood paste he enters. "Oh! Mapilai periya idam pola.." The hall was almost painted in two colors white and khaki. Soon he finds a seat under a fan to dry the few drops of sweat he got from the morning walk.

It was almost time, He was standing on the center pathway with his camera mounted on the tripod. All it was running in his mind was to take few good shots. Still he felt a small uneasiness within him. The guy on the stage with a similar lens annoyed him with what he was trying with. He wanted an alternate view, an alternate angle. Turned around and felt the first floor near the bridegroom room was a perfect setup he was looking for. Din bother to unmount, he carried it there. It was all set now. The priest said, "Ponna kutitu vaango". Entering with two other women holding her hand, she was barely visible. Soon he adjusted his lens to get a nice shot of couple Too many interference and too little time. Clicked few! Soon adjusted the lens to get a close up shot of her. Freezes his lens and ... fell those last drops for her blurring his vision. Recollecting himself of why she left him. People wished the couple with all happiness and 16 children. He shake'd the holy rice from his head and said to himself, "Hey, I'm not the groom today!..."

:: Now, all that's said.. The photo above is a good friend of mine. He is no way related to this narration. All said was just a imagination and anyway close to real people the author does not gives any guarantee. :) ::


Anonymous said...

You know,you are good at story telling :)

Vijesh said...

Thanks patti ma.. I take this as my biggest credit..

Yours faithful listener,