Tuesday, August 19, 2008

System Update 2.0

After the major release its time for some System Update. Here is one of them. Though it does not carry all the bug fixes, I intend to sent a few that suffice the purpose. I thought I would put this here so that I don end up saying, my work keeps me busy. :P

1) With sudden change of plans of not going to Hyderabad (sorry DK, you will with all the greatest hearts forgive us.), I ended up making a flying trip to Cbe. It was two days trip of which I ended sleeping the first and eating the second. Though I had time to meet Bharath, scorcee, bharath's & karthi's parents. (They are all doing great guys...)

2) The tap is broken and its pouring down here in Bangalore. So, I end up spending my life in home->office cab->office->office cab->home. Which means we manage our cooking at home. My chief cook Santy has been rocking along side with my juniors and making it a cooking festival at home. Just in the last week or so we did Onion sambar, Potato fry, Mango & Drumstick sambar, tomato gujju, dosa, rice/tomato vaadaam and egg buriji. Many Thanks to my Mom, Satya and Raji for helping us with some tips.

3) I ended up facing the music for the second time in train after my friend forgot to bring the original ID card for the e-ticket. :) After some trails and acting managed to get that TTR convince that we will not repeat it again. (One piece of advice: If you are booking in 3 months advance, try booking i-ticket. E-ticket sucks just for its rules with ID proof.)

4) The 2008-09 season of English Premier League has started. ManU had a poor start last week with a draw, never mind. But we are frankly an underdogs this time just because of our team composition. We are just missing a fresh leg in the midfield after Ronaldo decided to move out. Chelsea are most spoken favorites and Arsenal are also a good side to give a tough race for the title. Liverpool will again be playing for Champions league place. This will keep me busy on all the evenings in weekend. :)

5) I'm reverse engineering on a something called "facility" oh boy. Its a hard nut to crack. Eh yeah, Its Fire fighting.

Note: You can file all the bugs on this update here and not bugzilla.

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