Friday, August 29, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 - First Look

I read that Internet Explorer 8 has surfaced from evilzenscientist blog. So after missing to play my badminton today, I decided to try it out. Here is some of my inference.

1. Download speed was average for the 15Mb of the installer.
2. Internet Explorer team did not have time to install a progressive progress bar. So the default progress bar graphics was adopted in place. So installation status is unknown. Installation was NOT satisfactory and asked for security updates even before installation. So immediately after installation, updates where downloaded and applied. They could have very well bundled with the installer.
3. Tab groupings is awesome cool. I really loved the concept of coloring one family of tabs. (A tab belongs to a family if it is originated from another tab in the window). A default color and unique color to different groups gives a good look and feel.

4. Shit, still the left click on a link opens in a new window. How does it look to open 20 window's. If IE is really trying to adopt tabbed windows, they should have followed FF path of opening links in new tab. KISS guys.
5. IE got more privatized with "InPrivate" mode. None of the browning history, cookies and temp files are retained after the session. Also this mode that does not allow websites to share ones visit to it. They could be really helpful in public computers like browsing centers.

6. Page loading time was also quick, Over all it seems to be good. But still I love FF :-)


VV said...

Ya... Its sure better than IE7, but a long way to catch FF. I am not sure why... a big giant like Microsoft is not bothered about user experience starting from downloading to using the software...

Vijesh said...

One more reason. IE has the habit of unethically shipping browser with operating system.

FF has the power of addons.

Vijesh said...

This is how you got to review and this is now you should not review.