Friday, August 22, 2008

I will stop blogging

humm, this is yet another thread that takes some of my processing now a days. There are many reasons for it. Primary reason would be that I give equal (I meant more) importance to read some of the blogs I follow. As on date there is a whooping 815 unread items in my reader. Shit! That's bad. Next reason is that there are 6 posts in my drafts that is half cooked. Some of them would really make it online and some of them will be poor drafts for ever :-).

Next reason would be that I started falling in love with something else, yeah something smaller. To be specific, Micro blogging. Yeah its twitter. This 140 character longs posts are easy and does not strain my head or I don't need to review my own nonsense before hitting the publish button. Its easy, fast and I can do it from any where. Also following some interesting people is fun. Only thing that slightly hurts is the fact that it kills my sleep when a MSG beeps at unearthly hours. Now that I can drain some battery power. :)

Not last but the least to spare some of few good hearted people like you who managed to read till here.


Vishnu said...

man, come on.. Micro blogging is entirely different from blogging..
Don't say you are stopping it, may be you can reduce the frequency updating blogs with the important things..
Both are targeted for different purposes..
If you want to share your thoughts, you can put here..
If you want some discussions to happen(either in public or personally), you can do it in micro blogs.
BTW, wat is MSG? Are you using any twitter clients in your mobile?

Vijesh said...

First welcome back! Its been long seeing you out here :)

Sure dude, points noted. :)

s/MSG/SMS - no apps, still I fight configuring my opera mini in my mobile. I wish I had an iPhone. :)

VV said...


Vishnu said...

oh.. planning to buy one.. good..
Dude, I usually visit this place, but, only thing was - nothing from my side to comment on them.. yeah, understood the meaning of MSG.. :)

Abirami Rajendran said...

hey!Don't you dare!I'll be mad if I don't see the posts :)

Vijesh said...


Vijesh said...

no dude! def not now, until the mad service provides decide the reduce the cost of operation and when Apple reduces the no-reason hiked price of iPhone in India.

But that goes as one of the cool gadgets in my liking list.

Vijesh said...

yeah! I know the knife at your place is still sharp enough :) So I reconsidered.