Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blogger Love

What would it make your mom write a blog?
She always thought that was a Pandora box for which myself and my Dad hold the key. She never believed that she could do it herself. I then introduced her to blogger and she did make her first post by herself. Though she was stumped with the Unicode mismatch in her second post. :) (I can see her desperation in comments). How as this possible?, did my mom become a geek over night. Maybe! But the true credit goes to Blogger team to make the interface so simple that anybody can write. Wooo! Thanks guys.

I had been using blogger now for almost 2.11 years. Its my best blogging portal I have ever used. Simple steps to create a blog, make a new post and enough number of layouts to satisfy any starter. Any advanced user actions like tweaking the whole template (Like I have done my dual floating bar), following the comments for a post, scheduled post and cool gadgets.

Whats more to make this fairy tale journey more interesting?
I had been following blogger in draft and things are pretty interesting for us in the future. Follow blogs, this is a feature that's mimicked from twitter. The followers can be shows as a widget. Next cool feature is "Reaction" Immediately after reading the post, one can react on the post. Say I propose a way to reduce the traffic in Bangalore in a post, I can ask "Do you Agree" or "You don Agree", based on the clicks each option will get a vote. You can import and export your blogs. Even embedded comments and private posts. :-)

Migrate from wordpress to blogger?
Oh yeah! This is possible too. Here is a nice tool hosted in google-code to make the transition smoother. (Abirami: I'm just a shout away for any assistance! Or holding peace with wordpress?) Steps are simple:
1) Download the latest version (now its 0.3)
2) Make sure your java path is set. (test: java -version)
3) Run
Tip: At the first time, after saving your account credentials it would say "Cannot connect to server". Now just close and reopen and try the same. I tested them and it works like a charm. Also would recommend to change email password to some random string and after the change back to your original once done. Many thanks to yichao. I promise that I would fix some bugs when I get time as a token of love. :-)

P.S: I have started tweeking a template for my photoblog. I needed some help on CSS and JS. If someone can volunteer teach and help me, I can make them happy with good perks. [kvijesh[at]gmail]


Abirami Rajendran said...

Well,I have seen this util when I was hunting for one(I really got pissed off with this "no JS hahaha" of wordpress)

It currently doesn't allow you to port the comments from your wordpress blog and I currently dont have the time to enhance it :D

so yeah,I do want to come back to blogger,but migrating users/stats can be a pain.Also,I need those comments :D

Vijesh said...

Comments can also be exported. :) Blogsync says 0.3 supports that.

Ah! Stats migration! Why can't we do that? humm, good case study!

Abirami Rajendran said...

@Vijesh:I did try this with 0.3 and a dummy wp account,but it didn't seem to port the comments over.