Monday, August 25, 2008

Google Code Jam

I was there and it was awesome fun.

You like reading stories and thinking about algorithms while in the toilet. Then Code Jam is a place that you should checkout soon. Google CODE JAM as many of you know is like any other online coding competition. Simple - You need to code for an algorithmic problem on a allocated amount of time. Until last year Google was hosting this competition along side with Topcoder. This years code jam had a new and interesting format. One need not code and compile the code online, this time we can code in any language or even a paper pencil logic is also accepted and submit the code along with the solution.

It was great, I refreshed many of my college days maths from distance formula to some probability. I have coded in Java before, but not so fast. You need to code it dead accurate. Check all the boundary conditions and think of that one sample set that breaks the algorithm and handle it. Post match it was fun to discuss (fight) the same with some of my friends and colleague.

Once I read 2 important disclaimer when coding,
1) Read code and get your code reviewed.
2) Read the first disclaimer again.

So, after the coding matches are over, you can open other submitted code and read it. Oh boy! They code like automated codegen's beautifully crafting to its ultimate best. More than coding them, reading code can help you to improve. Similarly there are many other coding arena like Topcode, ACM, TIMUS ONLINE and ... If you are there next time in any of them, just let me know. We can competite.

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