Friday, August 8, 2008

An alternate job

It started as a casual conversation with one of the nerds jayanthi. She posted a question - If you would have not coded for money (being a software engineer) what would have you become? There were some immediate answer and some came to my thoughts during these silent days within myself.

1. Teacher - Guess I carried it from my Dad. I really really adore to teach. Just out of college, I knew what I missed. I want to teach for all grades even in primary school. I love physics. Well, if I get a chance to walk into Tech I would definitely choose "Data structures", "Algorithms" and "C programming". I would leave the grammar lessons to my Dad. I hope talk to Natarajan Sir next time I meet him. :)

2. Photographer - One serious hobby that keeps me ticking is Photography. A photo journalist to a wedding photographer would be something I like to do.

3. Open a restaurant - Well, this is something that I always thought I can easily get doing. Because, I don compromise when the food is bad. A small outlet serving typical South Indian food.

4. A police officer - Ah! Watching lot of movies now a days I guess. Not in law and order or Traffic. But some thing like a crime branch.

5. I want to start a play school. I know its weird for someone to with some beard to talk like this. Still its fun to be with children and teach them rhymes.

6. Last in the addiction was being a blogger. I know how tough it is for you to read this, its ok its just my wish.

7. Dream job - Sit in the cockpit of Maclaren Mercedes.


vijay said...


Can see how over period of being s/w engineer how no. of post kept decreasing.. :D

Cool.. I guess your friends question and the post is the inception! ;)

All the Best!

Vijesh said...

@vijay I would actually attribute it to my growing interest in Photography than work.