Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Story Time - 1

Being Black

Sankaran pillai was a fun loving person and a responsible parent. He had a kid who was young alert, active who always gets astonished by the things he looks. The kid carried a look of being darker than the other kinds in the street. One day Sankaran pillai took his kid to the near by amusement park.

He was excited and kept on asking questions to Sankaran pillai, how does that light glow? how does the giant wheel spin? How does the pop corn jump? Sankaran pillai answered all his questions with at most importance and dearness. Suddenly the kids his stiff excited body was sullen. Sankaran pillai asked whats the matter dear? The kid looking at a balloon shop said, "Appa, There are so many balloons in the shop? There is red color one, blue one, green, yellow and even white! But why isn't there a Black color balloon like me? Is it that the balloon will not fly if it was like me?"

Sankaran pillai smiled and replied, "Kanna, The air inside the balloon is what that makes it fly and not the color outside the balloon." :-)

Do you know how we got this color? He continued, "It was a day to day routine of God to create new and unique Human beings. Each and every one of the incredibly distinct from the other. He runs a painting division in heaven that does the painting for all the created Humans. In the painting division, all the newly created Humans are made to stand and with their hands folded like praying. At this point God starts to pour the paint that he has chosen for each individual. Once the paint flows throughout the body they are dried and sent to earth. This is the reason why both the palm of the hands and the sole of the foot did not get painted by the pouring paint and they are uniquely white for all Humans."

Note: I din keep track of the author name nor the person who told me.


Sankar said...

I can be called a Sankaran Pillai ;-)

But I would've explained how black is better for the scorching tropical sun.

Vijesh said...

can you explain? how is it better? Sankaran pillai always thought white reflects and black absorbs heat.

Sankar said...

Yes. White always reflects and black absorbs, which is why you never should take a black umbrella in Sun. That is physics.

now onto chemistry and biology ;) , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin just search for skin types . Read the para above and below that. Further googling, might give more information.

Sankar said...


Search for "health related"

VP said...

It is Jakky Vasudev who told the story of Sankaran Pillai

Discovery by Mom(meee)

Vijesh said...

Humm not exactly mom! The story was not told by him, but the character name I flicked from him talk.