Sunday, October 4, 2009

Health care takes lower priority

I live in Bangalore. A city known for its slow moving traffic and rash driving. Today I was watching this spectacle happen in Sony World Junction.

Somewhere 200 metre's from the signal an Ambulance got queued up along with queue of cars, bikes and auto's that were waiting in the signal. The siren was reaching the sky and red emergency light was in so contract that was making the whole area look in emergency! It was around 30 seconds and still none of the vehicles in front of the ambulance moved. Hence the driver in the ambulance increased the siren louder and longer. Another 15 seconds passed and still no signs of traffic moving. I got curious and looked at the junction and find vehicles from other lane still moving. The so called public servants are busy scratching some parts and not clearing this lane with ambulance. WTF! Finally the ambulance got it chance to move only when there was green to the lane. It was a sad sight to watch.

Think the case of a politician. He/She gets a free ride from airport to his home without his driver keeping his foot on the brakes. I was made to wait many times in IRR for the public servants to go in a free lane and I would find the whole of Bangalore police lined up, busy working for their appraisals.

Why is health care taken with lower priority? Right from public servants to public take it for granted when an ambulance comes, like the ambulance crosses this place 5 times a day! I guess the rules are also not strict enough for people to take it seriously. In US health care is given first priority when it comes to roads and any vehicle that does not give way could be given a ticket up to $155. Be it the hand or the lotus, it will take time to change. I think the change should happen in small scale, like the pune govt has imposed a rule to fine people who are spitting in public.

Please, drive safely and wisely.


Tom Praison said...

Ya.. ur true. I have even seen ambulance coming in the opposite lanes at signals.. They are even dangerous...

VV said...

This is not the case everywhere I guess. I have seen vehicles giving way for ambulances in many places in Bangalore. But still... it could be much better.

Anonymous said...

Ya not good at all. By the way, the Pune Govt. had to wait for the swine flu to come and press the panic button. That's how Govts here work! They would'nt give a rat's %% unless the case poses a problem to them
In this case,the people themselves are equally indifferent- this means hopelessness. Two wrongs Do NOT make a right.

Vijesh said...

The reason they have to take the risk is, there isn't any vehicle moving in the lane they want to go. At least risk the opp lane and reach faster.

True, not always. But mostly.

Totally agree with you! The govt sleeps!

Anonymous said...

Each state needs a few 100s of Indian thaathas and Anniyans. Sigh! I need to go sleep or get drunk.

Vijesh said...

nalla sonna po! or atleast there should be ppl like you who can talk law! I meant civil`law`

Anonymous said...

I know i know! I'm this Bharathi kanda pudhumai pen! And I also know that I am very modest :P