Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wow, you must have a really good camera!

Anyone who has ever taken a sharp, properly exposed,
and well-composed photo has heard these words,
"Wow, you must have a really good camera!"

Then anyone who can code or write well, should
have a "really good keyboard and computer!" :-)

Took the excerpt from this article by Vic Berardi.


Nikanth Karthikesan said...

In a way it is true... if you try to code on a mobile device with crappy keyboard and no support for good languages.. it is difficult to write good code... similarly with some crappy cameras no one can take a sharp photo

And more seriously... The nice code running on the latest cameras does a very nice job, much better than many professional cameramen can do!

Vijesh said...

Agree with you. But it also matters that who has that good keyboard and computer. If 'good keyboard' was the one that mattered, then everyone could have been Linus Torvalds.

Again, the code running in camera is like Windows, it gives nice preview and effects. But not total control or customization. Use what we give, literally makes one's creativity dumb. Professional cameramen is as powerful as the Linux Kernel. You know why! :D

Nikanth Karthikesan said...

NO. The point is that to make a clear crisp photograph, a smart camera can choose the best shutter speed, aperture, ISO, flash,.. (even pan&zoom!) automagically! Even my 5 year old cousin brother is able to click fantastic pictures which was impossible even for a grown-up few years back! Technology works!

I am not talking about how one who understands the tech behind the camera and has a good taste can do magic. I think you are mixing the two.

Vijesh said...

"anyone who has a good taste can do magic", is what I'm talking about. Not the electronic parts that does auto magic.

Nikanth Karthikesan said...

Ok, ok. :)

I just wanted to say that an UKG student is able to take sharp, properly exposed,
and well-composed photos! No offense meant to photography experts.

I really like your photographs!

Vijesh said...

No no, I din get offended. :-)

All said and done, this is how it is! Another relevant read.

Abirami Rajendran said...

hehe, i like this :D

Vijesh said...

I guessed ;-)

SRISHA said...

A good talented hand can create magic with any camera for that matter.
The artiste is 90% responsible to create a great picture.

But 10% credit should go to the camera too. For ex, if your camera does not support macro, you can't get a macro picture. Simple. Or, you can't get great art with a mobile camera, where picture quality is usually low.