Saturday, October 10, 2009


Why men seems to be hard nature mostly and
why women seems to have soft nature?
Why did history evolve like this?


Vijesh said...

I did not what to write a post on this, I just wanted to discuss! Hence,

Jency said...

Lets start with this: What's hard nature? What's soft nature?

sEtHu said...

Might be acc. to physique attr....!!

Vijesh said...

Sure, this is even a question to add. I may be wrong in my perspective, right from physical to psychosocial things they differ. Example in physic, Men naturally seems to me more muscular and women are not.

Johnny Jacob said...

different levels of harmones (testosterone ... )
Difference in functions like child birth..

I think this is a well researched topic..

Nikanth Karthikesan said...

The one which has to carry the baby needed more protection and it cannot fight the predators while carrying/caring the baby! The one which was not carrying the baby had to take care of them.. so male evolved to be capable of providing the protection required, while the female evolved to take care of the baby..

To fight a predator strong physique and mental attitude would have been reqd.

Just team work! One trained/evolved to become a bowler, while the other a batsman based on the need then. But in this age of T20, many of us are becoming all-rounders [but yes, some are neither a good batsman nor a bowler so they call themselves all-rounders ;-)]

Sankar said...

There must be some NatGeo video on these lines. Just watch it ;-)

Vijesh said...

Right, different hormones and functions, but why did those hormones evolve that way?

Wow, that was a good logical explanation (Team Work...). Thanks!

I guess none of the NatGeo videos are available online. :(