Monday, October 19, 2009

இனிய தீபாவளி

Lately Diwali means good food and photography for me. Once a year I gain lot of weight and workout the rest of the year to reduce it. A colleague of mine wishing everyone, comes to my cube and says, "This Diwali also photos and no crackers is it?". Thats true! More than burning those crackers I'm fond of taking pictures and calculating the amount of money totally spent in buying them. 

This Diwali was no different. After my mom repeatedly reminding me to get a dress, I decided to shop. Rule#1: No black dress, already I have enough that I'm banned for lifetime. Rule#2: Need to shop in 30mins. I will lose interest from 31st minute. Rule#3: No jean and t-shirts. Amen! Whats else is there in those to shop then? I romed around for 120 minutes and took a shirt. Trail piece fits well and finally ended up not having my size in the lot. End of Diwali shopping. But made my mom happy, by the patent shirt I got from office. :)

I spent the Diwali night at the rooftop with my camera. It was a spectacle to watch those fireworks reach skies. Had a chance to click some of them and miss many of them. Also its fun to anticipate from where the next big one will come in the sky. Also meet some friends and few more to go. Food food and lots of food.

I'm so patient with this 5 mins timeout internet at home. :) BSNL sucks at this part of the city.

Have fun. More photos in my flickr.


Params said...

Hey, Nice work (first one)!

Vijesh said...

Thanks Params. Many more Happy returns of the Day too! :) Hope you had nice fun.

Resonator said...

1st pic is simply super

happy blogging

Jeevan said...

I also spent the evenings and nights of deepavali watching the fireworks in sky and tried to capture in cam.

U got good shots here!

Vijesh said...

Thanks Resonator.

@Jeevan share your pics!

Sree said...

The first pic looks awesome :)