Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cricket: Overdose

Airtel's Champions League Cricket tournament was kicked off in Bangalore today. What does this mean, another round of T-20 cricket with some known and unknown teams playing for a prize money of 2.5 M. That is half the prize money of Cricket World cup. Immediately after the Ashes series, it was India vs Srilanka then it was Champions Trophy and now its Champions league cricket. Too much cricket, I would say. Look at the next 12 months fixtures, it looks packed.

Don't think this tournament was Lalit Modi's brain child, it was a cheap copy from club football. But seriously its very boring and does not stand near the 90 mins of a football games action and drama. These tournaments started more of a way to promote the game, its now becoming a Modern Poker (already in the first match, players are putting down lolipop catches and run outs). That is sad. So at least I'm pulling out of the viewers list of this Trophy! (I can do better things than watching this...:-P)

But, all said and done. Its good for the small business that runs around the game. We will be getting back the profit that we lost by moving the last IPL to South Africa. Still one set of people who strictly ban the whole thing would be your mom and wife who wants to see the Kolangal mega series. So guys get a tatasky and record the matches and watch the replay or get your salvation from

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Amudhan said...

Yes, it was extremely irritating when players who drop the catch don't even act shocked or surprised. Especially Taylor who dropped a very easy catch. Bull Shit!

I happened to saw that when I was changing the channel. Anyhow, not watching the fixed matches. I think they even know who is going to win the game and all... utter bull shit...