Saturday, October 3, 2009

How else can I plan?

3:15AM I got a new BMW after taking down G - Mac and his gang. Still no signs of getting tired or plans to sleep after driving for many hours. I look at wonder why my nails have started to grow in different directions. Also did a quality check on my wrist and keyboard to see if everything was intact.
3:20AM Even in that darkness, a 200 watt bulb suddenly glows up my head. OMG, I got to book thatkal ticket that Morning at 8 AM. Literally 5 more hours. Since its a long weekend, it would be a huge task to get one thatkal ticket.
[It will be an impossible task to sleep now and get up with all sense up and running at 8 AM. (S/w Engg slang)]
3:33AM Text message to Friend 1 and Friend 2. Please please wake me up by 7:45, if you see this msg before that. I got to book tickets.
[Main plan: Alarm at 7:45 AM]
[Backup plan 1: Reminder at 7:50 AM, since alarm will snooze again at 7:55]
[Backup plan 2: Reminder at 7:59 AM, with note "Idiot get up at least now!!"
7:51AM My mobile blares and I feel like yelling #WTH. I attend and find Friend 2 on the line, waking me up. Thanks a ton, Friend 2.
[PS, I was thinking I should file a complain to Nokia, that the alarms and reminders are not ringing. My roomie later confirmed that it was I was sleeping like corpse not noticing it. :) I spare Nokia]
7:55AMIE, FF and Chrome is open and is loaded. Even filled the quick book form with name, age, sex etc etc and even took care of timing flaw.
7:59:45 Finally even counted seconds for the irctc server to tick 0800.
8:00:12 Refresh the page to submit my booking.
[The site is unavailable]
8:00:40 Frantically check the other browsers and to see if any one of them to connect to server. But all reply the same.
[Suddenly I feel there is an unusual silence around me. Almost ignored in the panic of retrying.]
[Noticed that it was the power cut (sharp like a samurai sword) at 8:00. Ah! Even BESCOM is synced with railway timings. :-(. The modem / router is switched off. Sigh]

How else can I plan?


Puthali said...

moral of the story: always have ur modem power supply connected to the UPS... is very helpful in many needy situations 'n not only while booking train tickets... :P
'm surprised you hadn't done it before :)

Vijesh said...

UPS seems museum piece to me after I stopped using desktop PC. I wish someone should manufacture a commercial modem specified in this patent #6212226.

Vijay said...

getting tickets here is worse than goundamani and rajinikanth getting tickets in mannan.. LOL !!!

Amudhan said...


BTW, in which version have you bought BMW? Most Wanted?

Vijesh said...

@Vijay awesome da.. :D Watching that after a long time..

Vijesh said...

It was BMW M6 in NFS Undercover

sampathkumar said...

Well! My experience with IRCTC is a little different..This happened when I tried to book a ticket during this year Pongal return from Chennai to Hyderabad.
I had to book 2 tickets-for me and Krishnan. Saw in the website that the booking starts at 5 am everyday oblivious to the fact that only regular booking opens at 5 am and Tatkal opens at 8 am.

Alarm @ 5 am: Got up..Went and opened the browser and hit the website and after some time found out that Tatkal booking opens at 8 am.. Got mad. Went to bed.

Frustration at 8 am: Got up and opened the browser. The Internet connection was just 256kbps. U know how irctc website is.
-only 143 seats are allocated for Tatkal- gotta book quickly - Entered the details and paid via SBI Internet banking. Guess what? - Some error after paying - Couldn't book..
Krishnan was in his office the whole night So called him up and asked him to book since the Internet connection is good there.
He booked the ticket at 8.20 am --But Waiting list 60 in Tatkal. Yeah! 143+58 tickets booked before us..Grr..
We had to abandon that option..

Vijesh said...

Its not a problem with your connection, just that cannot handle the massive flood of requests.

Sad that there is no refund in thatkal also.

Jency said...

Its true that irctc website is pathetic when handling requests starting 0800 hours. I too normally have both IE and FF open with fingers clicking F5 continuously. But far worse is the panic associated with tatkal booking, last time i frantically booked the ticket wrongly 3 times(all cancelled no refund)! For that i walked all the way to office from BEML as our bus got stuck in traffic :(

Vijesh said...

Thats hard. I think the downtime is inevitable even if Google hosts it. ;)