Friday, January 16, 2009

Restart Blogging

Off lately I was banging my head reading ASCII chart and gdb. But Its fun you know. Also was trying out pair programming for two days and seems to work out of the given problem. Tried venting out in a coffee break conversation all about Blogging with a friend.

I started blogging almost 2.5 years back. Made around 200 post. I don categorise on what I write, I just write all the junk I feel like. I write when I feel liking. Also got to confess that adherent follower of Blogger platform. During this whole journey, had formed small sets of blogger around me reading and exchanging comments and reviews. But today I was reminded of all the old bloggers I knew. I thought of saying them a "hi" and give them a nice whip on the butt to re-start blogging. Oh yeah! I know everyone is either busy at work or married. Still give it a thought. Here are some of them... If someone is really think to rethink. Let me know. :)

This laptop is running of charge, I need to rush. Happy Birthday Rohit. Wishing you all the glamour and get ................ :-)


Vivek said...

blog panna somebri thanam da .. So, changed to microblogging :) But anyways, i l ve to start :( now that i have motivation :)

Vijesh said...

@Vivek Yes, your point is valid. Microblog is eating up blogging. But yeah still give it a try. There is so much more to write than 140 characters. :)

VV said...

Ha ha ha... nice one.

Padmalaya said...

Many thanks. I managed to be out of ur list :)

Vijesh said...

Yours is like Thalivar movie, once is a while. But I'm sure it will surface. :)