Friday, January 9, 2009

Mobile Stats

I stopped capturing those packets and was day dreaming. My thought was grazing, I recollected my area of interest, In a grocery store when a customer buys bread there is more probability that he/she will also buy jam. So keeping those items close by will make more customers buy it. This is a simple association rule. One can analyze raw data and conclude on patterns. Meanwhile I received my mobile bill statement. It was interesting to look at the stats in it. I started Analyzing...

Local HH:MM:SS 02:27:02
STD HH:MM:SS 03:06:42
ISD HH:MM:SS 00:37:02
Total HH:MM:SS 06:10:46

This data seems to be fair. I got more people to talk outside the city I work. Also those dear one's who are across borders and sea2.

SMS - Local Messages 24
SMS - National Messages 6

These are spent in sending those forwards. Thanks peeps! You din get annoyed by my request. I guess I wont need them any more. :-)

National Roaming HH:MM:SS 10:15:47

Ah! Here is the twist. My total local talk time was 06:10:46 which is 4 hours less. I had been traveling so much? Actually not much. I had been off to wish this couple and celebrate time at home. I guess it would plunge this month, unless I make it to the annual get together vacation.

Next, I browsed thro all my contacts and picked up those probable contacts, I would have sms'ed or called. I did a search to see hit rate. (Hit Rate: Call+SMS)

Rank #1 - 140
Rank #2 - 77
Rank #3 - 34

Interesting again, Rank #2 is only half of Rank #1. Special Thanks to #1 and #2. Contrasting people! They made sure the month is not boring. Rank #3 is a median of several winners in the close proximity. Did you read your bill?


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