Monday, January 19, 2009

No Title

Here are some of the replies other readers gave.

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Sankar said...

Will there be any award ? like, one who writes maximum will get a dinner . If so, I will try, bcos I have too many things.

Hint: It'll be a nice trick to increase viewer count ;-)

Anonymous said...

Once again, I gave two answers for this one and it dint appear on your spreadsheet :( You've added me to your hate-list on the blog or what? *pouts*

Vijesh said...

Thanks, I got the post updated. Ah! I'm happy when less ppl read this url.

Vijesh said...

Its written there, the below list will get updated automatically after 5 mins. :) So patience. Blogger never hates anybody.

Vivek said...

dae thirpa solra.... :)