Friday, January 2, 2009

Movie Review: Ghajini

The movie meet its hype and expectations!

A movie that was spoken about so much during the post production was Ghajini. Ghajini is a re-make of Tamil movie கஜினி which was indeed a inherited version of Hollywood's Memento. But still Hollywood had its own class. This movie starring Aamir Khan and Asin had the same story line as its predecessors except the last 20%. Not just the story line its almost the exact same scene and dialogue. Even with my linguistic disabilities I was able to follow the whole movie. Aamir khan efforts at Gym has proved worth it. A perfect 10 for his abs. In my personal opinion Aamir Khan failed as an entrepreneur Sanjay Singhania. Its hard to visualize an MD wearing short sleeved formal shirts talking in the board meeting. He does NOT carry the charm of that role.

Guzarish: A killing Song... :-) :-P
BGM is a big plus to the movie. A R Rehman has once again proved and made me hymn the tune often. The cinematography of the songs are also good. Next big plus is the stunts in the movie. Be it the chasing scene or where he meets a bunch of rowdies, the stunts are done with good camera tricks and angles. Which apt fully matches his physic. Credits to the stunts team.

With all said you should not take your Girl Friend or Wife to the movie, you want to know why?

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Params said...

Yep! I personally feel the Hindi version is better in couple of aspects than the Tamil one as some unnecessary scenes have been done away with..
But, the MD role was better played by Surya, who had certainly a better dress and ability to carry himself in that role than Aamir..