Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Last Saturday

I promise. I will not do it again!

I don want an extra '0' on my financial figures,
I don want to see that driver looking at me from the cockpit
and saying "You did a good job!"
I don want to walk that extra mile, so that some one can say this is paradise.

I don want to burn the extra oil and go against green.
I don want to hear those vacuum cleaners again.
I don want to see those men in blue crossing around.

I don want to lose the time, before his flight takes off.
I don want to lose the writings, uploads, comments and conversation.
I don want to be a sucker sitting in this 6x7.

Did they come with the pesticide gun to chase me away?
Whatever, I will not do it again!


Nikki said...

Tough decision dude... Good luck :)

Vijesh said...

Much easier when compared to the others I took. :-P