Friday, November 14, 2008

Sad & Angry

It was a usual weekday morning yesterday at one of my friends house in Bangalore. They are close to 5 bachelors staying around the koramangala area. So its usual thingy that there would be two keys thats shared among the gang. That morning one guy who starts early to office is about to leave home. Gets out of door and asks the rest to close the door. He leaves! The others are lazy and in the midst of their sleep and ignored the message to close the door and left open. (It happens when we code late in the night, you can't really complain)

Then they all woke up around hour or so after the first guy left. One guy finds his purse missing from the cupboard inside the house. Then then other guy searches his, finds it missing to. Damn, 3 purses are missing. :( Between the time the first guy has left and these people inside the house woke up and closed the door. Some idiot has got inside the house and nicked all the purse on the cupboard. Next each one rang up to their respective bank customer care to block the card from any transaction. :( Got it blocked and checked the balance. More sad news, it was already used in a petrol bunk and several thousands were missing. All of them were visa debit cards. Helpless they ended up filling an FIR at the police station after a whole day long wait. Sorry for them.

This is the second incident around me where the prior one they lost gold and cash. Mistakenly they have kept the handbag near the window. Some one took the door keys from it and entered home for a loot when everyone were sleeping.

Do take care...
- If you are leaving the home and wanted others to lock the door inside. Just wait outside until the door is locked. An extra min or two makes the difference.
- People leaving in ground floor. Keep windows shut and don place the keys near the window or some place directly accessible from outside.
- Note down the number of your banks customer care in your mobile to call them and immediately block the card.
- Avoid visa credit/debit cards. Go for mastercard.
- Better keep valuables locked at home.
- Not last but not least, never take anything for granted in this f###ing city.
- If you happen to have a lot of jewelery around @ home, the first thing you must do is to put it away in a bank locker. Its worth the money! (contributed: Nishanth)


VV said...

Can you handle this session for me and my roommates? :)

Amudhan said...

What difference does it make to have Mastercard instead of Visa card?

Vijesh said...

Try hiding their purse and get it out after some time. :)

you always need a pin in master card.

Nishanth said...

Daring enough :( Taking things for granted always has its downside.. This the worst of them all! Good advice though!

An addition to Vijesh's tips: If you happen to have a lot of jewellery around @ home, the first thing you must do is to put it away in a bank locker. Its worth the money!