Saturday, November 1, 2008

Take care when you invite for your wedding

Hey just few things only. At regular intervals I find wedding invites getting to my Mailbox. I love and respest them all. Just that I just hate some of the things I see in the mail. Some time they are personal invites and not as a backup e-invite. So take atmost care of what one is sending to their friends.
- Send the mail with contacts in BCC. People with 'Reply to All' will shoot at thier leg by sending it to all. Some times I find some X contact getting added into my contacts because of this.
- Take some care in making the image! Crop and resize the scanned image to best fit size. Make the orientation fit to page. Rename the file. (Front page.jpg, back cover.jpg...)
- Best would be embedded the image in the mail and send it rather than a mail attachment. Also have a P.S that there is an embedded image.
- Try writing down what is there on the image as mail content. Images are not allowed in all mail servers.
- I would prefer getting a soft copy from the Wedding card printer rather than scanning it.
- Give equal importance like your printed cards is all I ask. :)


Anonymous said...

Yes sir! Sure sir. Shall remember it all.Enna remember panni, enna. Oru kalyaanathukku dhaan vazhiya kaanom *sulk*

And hey, couldnt comment on your previous post. I'm a Saggi and Im also a despo and a sucker for bday wishes. Im more of this Happy Bday to me kinda person.So even if you dint mean me in the list,Thank you thank you! :P

Vijesh said...

Hey its inc you too. I know you are one day before my thalivar. :)
P.S. Oops I made no comments on the prev next, post. But open now. :)