Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Take care of your photographs

Is there a moment that you have thought, Oops I think I deleted that photo and I don have a copy of it or I had all my photos in my laptop! The hard disk crashed. I wrote the photos on the CD but its no more readable. Personally I have learned my lessons. If you are serious about what you shoot you should be serious about how to store them. I was cleaning my reader and came across this excellent post on DPS.

On a personal choice I use Flickr for my personal preference to dump all I take. Share the best I feel. Get a Flickr Pro account for 24$. Its worth the money. To share the photos, I use picasa web. Its really fast and simple interface. But less space. Never mind create multiple accounts to share is the advice I got. Youtube for your video //works well for sharing, but only limited to 25 person :-( // Try writing it on DVD, CD or External HDD all are non reliable. Try replicate your copy to many on line storage. But keep track of it. :)

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Sethu S said...

Nice tip at the right time(atelast for me)