Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Project "unnamed"

This is special and to my heart. I have started working on this project starting now. I'm talking less about it. I don have not even brainstormed about this to anyone yet. The requirements doc is not ready even. Ah Let me stop this, enough of those processes and documents. If you ask me how many loc its gonna have I don think there could be any! Also the people I planning to work with have no idea about it. Planning for a closed beta within end of 2009. :) If you have the patience to hang around here, hope you get access. Thats it for now, got to write more.


Sankar said...

Believe it or not. I just started a project yesterday ;-)

But mine will not complete before 2009.

I hope that it is not the same thing that we want to achieve ;-)

Vijesh said...

Thats cool sankar. I got no clue on what you are upto, but looking forward to hear soon.

If looking for any contributers! just let me know where the git repo is.. :)

Sethu S said...

hey even i have set the deadline for my project, 31 st Dec 2009!

Sailing in the same ship, i hope all three s projects are no where realted-:)

Vijesh said...

One more! best wishes to all.. Hope we update once its done.

SA said...

Hey, All the best for whatever you are planning. I'm sure it will come out great!