Thursday, November 27, 2008

Did someone slap you?

Did someone slap you? Yes / No! "Yes" They really did. Lucky you are. Go give him a hug. Did they tell everything you wanted to hear and did they tell all? One needs such speed breaks to stop and tell them that its all wrong, that it was never right. You had been leaving your life with assumptions and unsolved equations. You never wished for it. 

He should have walked to him and said, "Hey no, this is not the way to play in the pen-ultimate over on a semifinal". At least the non striker should have told. It was a 41 minutes conversation, after listening he said this is what I read in Monk who sold his Ferrari. Even he too had read it, why din he realise it. He walked into the library and felt the solitude silence for the first time. How had he missed this for such long time? He did waste much of it. Also noted the Cukoo's Egg sandwiched between two big struts. His hand itched. 

Those heavy laughs made his stomach ace! But he was told that it all calls to deep crying. How could he ignored it to cover his thoughts. Well, it came true when the second ring came. He said that he will keep his silence. The beautiful rain can also damp him, when she asked him not to come home over the weekend. It rained badly there.

I just can't continue...
What the hell is happening in Mumbai? Crap! tears and shock... Its bad, worse, worst. 


Amudhan said...

Other than the last line, I didn't understand anything. May be, I don't deserve to read your blogs :(

Nishanth said...

Hey! I thought I was reading a novel, when your blog abruptly ended.. Couldn't make sense of all those implcit references.. But yes I agree with you on one thing.. It did rain badly :)