Sunday, November 4, 2007

Nov 1st - Testimonial

Here a short sweet summary of what people got to say! They are extracts from internal mail thread.

First of all Thanks to Peeps who made the initiative for the Trip.
He was the one who kept alive "the thread" regarding the Trip.
Also thanks to Jayakumar for Cab Arrangements.
Spl thanks to Santy for Choosing the place and making required arrangements for the same (Also thanks for his Shoes)
Thanks to Daams and Tom for bringing their Cool Hi fi Cameras which captured the moments of the Most Exiting day
Thanks to Vijesh for Capturing those Unforgettable Moments and breathtaking Snaps During the whole day ... Great Skill Vijesh
Thanks to my class guys Prashanth, Vinodh, Kishore, esp Tom(Who came directly from cbe and came for the trip) , Jayakumar who all made the trip the most unforgettable day in Bangalore
Enjoyed to the core...


It was great fun. All the 3 paintball activity , swimming , food & not but the least volley ball was great
So to keep this going we need to arrange such trip atleast once a month :-)

Arun Rag
Thanks 2 all guys!! It was a great show yesterday..
Thanks for suggesting the place... (don't forget to include other company names during the next trip... ;) )

Jaya Kumar
Trip super ah irunthuchu....
But Kaal vali thaan thaanga mudiyala.....
;( ;(
Thanks all for arranging a great great trip.

Nice Pics da... I missed it... but great that u guys rocked yesterday... will not miss any next time

Had a very nice time and enjoyed a lot yesterday.. thanks for all the guys who made the trip a memorable one..

besting outing for me in bangalore so far....

Jaya Kumar again
Solla maranthuttaen...Yesterday wen i closed my eyes after going to bed, I was able to feel somebody shooting at my eyes...takkunu muzhichutaen...
Cant identify who shooted... Summa sallunu straight ah kannukae vanthuruchu...

am enjoying at home.
trip super da. as sri said, lets go often. peeps vidave illiye, vida muyarchi :)
ellorume vara mudincha mathiri, place, time/date, budget ku suggest/arrange panna santy ku oru O.
paint ball game, volleyball, vijesh photography skills, meen varuval
ellam mention pannungo.
advance happy deepavalli wishes to you all :)

Finally Vijesh
Others who were there are tom, pradeep, santy, vinod who were not able to send in their testimonials due to tight schedule at work! :P Due course I might silently push them in. Well for me...
peeps held the plan together.. santy nailed the execution.. with JK pitching in with his managerial skills for the transportation.. the shouting in the field of paint ball (my throat is still recovering).. arguments off the field.. peeps & myself head on head shooting.. nice take away coffee mugs.. swimming pool & santy.. TT.. shuttle.. lunch & ice cream.. awesome volley ball, credit goes to all esp tom, kishore, santy.. not last by least Canon powershot S5 IS..

Then I went home, took a bath and silently slept :P

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