Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hathway WTF

Good news is that we have got a new Sony Vega for our home. :-) A Diwali purchase planned long back. But the bad news is that we need to get a Hathway cable connection. Why bad news, whats with it?

I stay in the Koramangala area! Today morning, got the hathway agent number and dialed him. Zoom he was right there in the next 10th min installing the cable connection to us. On having a conversation with one of the guy who came to installation, I was surprised with what he said. Here is their tarrif,

Installation charges - Rs 500
Non refundable deposit - Rs 1000
Monthly rental - Rs 275

The second component was interesting, this will be used to register the customer name for paid channels, but we need to repay this amount if we need a change of address. The deposit amount is valid only for Koramangala area. Say if we move to Indra nagar, repay and re-register. I did not understand what the system is. Also I asking others, it seems that this area is monopolized with Hathway! Seems that there are multiple private cable operators co-exist in the same area. Do a Google, you can find ppls love towards hathway! Can you do something...

Don argue with a fool, he will bring you down to his level and beat you with his experience!

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