Monday, November 19, 2007

Barcamp Bangalore version 5.0

Barcamp Bangalore version 5.0 was yet another success. I was there live and kicking. Even before the kickoff, I wanted to volunteer few tasks. But then you got your priority work.

This time campers that came from our office was considerably increased Jumbo, Natraj & Raghu (quiz winners), Suresh, Prem. I started camping by tying the front gate banner. The stickers were cool, I stuck one on my t-shirt (like all) and one on my pant. Audi was not available this time around. :( Right away the sessions started and I was in Web analytics session. Then jumped to a hot discussion on pair programming. It was interesting though. On listening from suresh a collective on adhoc wireless network was also interesting. Then a strange collective on "Generic guys & gals".

Day2 was pretty much deserted when compared to Day1. I organizers should have not given the t-shirts on the previous day! :) Indic languages was good, heard that some sessions on bloggers collective was good. But was not able to pitch in because of a confused (confusing) collective on semantic web. Missed two interesting sessions on Photography & Designing Barcamp. The SMS that hit made me excited that I should have been there. Lose one get one, was finally able to grab my new mobile, A Nokia 6300. It fits my pocket well.

Overall I rate this barcamp lower than the best barcampbangalore4. BCB4 had more interesting sessions and were organized. Also the SMS that floated were minimal. But IIM and its food it getting better and better. I liked the food they served.


Natraj M said...

I second you dude on ur views.

VV said...

you know... i said this to you after BCB4. "I will attend the next one". I even registered my name this time..but

Had some work and i missed it again... you know... had to go with the priorities..

Ok... going thru all the reviews and preparing myself better for the next one..

will meet you then for sure.. :)