Friday, November 2, 2007

Paint ball Yuyutsa

Wow it doesn't get better than this! On Nov 1st I went with my friends for playing paint ball game in yuyutsa. Its an adventurous, physical and a strategic game of two teams who are put into a military training field like with guns (that shoots paint balls). Its about defeating other gunman's team.

We were a bunch of 13 guys! The instructor gave us the safety instructions on how to play. We geared with minimal protection gear and a face mask. We were given a gun that fire based on compressed CO2. The range the gun covers is good. But takes an elliptical path when shot for a long distance. The so called pellets are soft biodegradable plastic balls filled with vegetable oil. The pellets when hit a rigid target it splats and the color spreads on the target. There are two mode of guns available automatic and manual. We went for the manual mode. Here you need to load the pellet into the feeder and then fire. We were ready to go!

Now its time for some action.

Game1: Shoot out Aim of each troop is to shoot out the opponents and kill them. A player is killed if the pellet splats on the player anywhere spreading the color. Each team needs to start from their bunkers which are on the opposite end. Simple strategy to play is attack from second one. Kill and get killed. Spread across the field and attack. Have one guy as your last man standing by conservative game.

Game2: Center flag A flag will be placed on the center of the field. Each troops objective would be take the flag from center and hoist it on your enemies bunker! When carrying the flag, if you are killed keep the flag in the place where you killed. Its left to your troop or enemies troop to recover it. Winning tip for this game is capturing the flag from the center. You take the flag first, there are more chances of winning.

Game3: Double flag This is the exciting game of all, Aim of each troop would be to go and pick the opponents flag and bring it back to your territory and hoist it. In case you want to recover your stolen flag, you need to get the flag and make a run to your bunker. You are not supposed to hide and shoot when you are recovering your flag. Play slow, play a conservative game. Let the enemy make the move and enter your territory. Kill one by one and strengthen your troop. When the enemy is weakened attack on his bunker.

Altogether it was terrific fun. Running, Sliding, Crouching, Shouting, Shooting, being in stealth mode and the fear about the enemy's standpoints. Its a good team building activity on the field. But it can even become a team breaking activity if discussed off the field. :-) I think a good spot of a team outing including all those resort facilities. Lots of Tips & Tricks are learned like making an empty fire to scare the enemy without wasting pellets. Share pellets when other member needs it. Worth for the money!

Then we moved to the resort summing pool and then for some large scale chess. We had a good lunch and the post lunch starting with some portraits pose for Orkut gallery. Then relaxing out with card games and few with badminton. Grand finale with some volley ball. Lot other options will include TT, cricket, football, snooker etc. Had our evening snack with tea and start back.

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Vivek said...

Nice time pass it seems dude..hrd of it din get chance to be thr.. N BarCamp announced it seems, but the registration din start yet..

Vijesh said...

ya dude it was great fun.

BCB5 is around the corner.. Waiting for it..

Vishnu said...

I saw it on TV some days back. May be on pogo, not sure.. as you said, nice team building activity with full of fun.. which place/resort is this dude?

Vijesh said...

confident cascade! 8kms from IIMB.. Just have look at the web site..

Params said...

Seems u guys exhausted almost all the resources available @ Confident Cascades :) Volleyball, Swimming Pool,.. We hadn't much time to do that, & my greatest regret was we weren't able to get into the bigger shooting arena @ Yuyutsa coz of our smaller strength. That was where the bunkers appeared more realistic ! Anyways, it was tremendous fun handling the gun. Couple of us got mildly injured as well ! And, After having seen the heavy crowd rushing into Yuyutsa, I'm tempted to conclude Bangalore is patronizing this sport grossly.. We will soon find them thriving in every possible happening street..

Vijesh said...

Humm good that you guys too had a good time there.