Monday, November 12, 2007

kannada kali

In spite of my Kannada & Tamil classes happening in my office. I got an interesting article on "Learn Kannada". It seems to cover good basics. Take time to read it.

Article link here.

P.S. I'm not responsible of the contents on the document or rather don know who authored it. If it doesn't comply cc, get back to me!


Sankar said...

Where is this class happening in (y)our office ?

Vijesh said...

Some 3 of us near my cubicle. Will sit when we are free and cross teach each other. We have just kick started it. :)

One more update is there is a trek group formed that go for regular treks.

Unknown said...

good doc....i am also planning to learn some b'lore kannada! i knw my kannada is really horrible ! guess this shud help! so..howz it going??

Vijesh said...

Just now, I have learned to greet people in kanada!