Sunday, May 31, 2009


I (we) invited you for a small house warming ceremony(?!) on Friday 13, 2007 for a small house we rented in Koramangala. A few months back we decided to move to a bigger or at least a better house due to the increase in the family size. :D Also santy needed a separate recording room for the music side of him. So officially we are done with this nice small place we lived for the past two years. It saw many of us grow. Apparently being a bachelor's home, we have not got a single complaint from the house owner or any of the neighbors. We were such nice kids!

Now, that doesn't mean that we have moved to our new house. No, we are homeless now! One of us is in a living room,mostly spending time with racing games in laptop and the other practices his guitar. Or if you are willing to find a A/C paying guest for the two, it would be awesome. :D So until then, don't come and ask me for my address.

The house warming ceremony for the new home is getting delayed because our chief guest is on vacation to US. And DK Arun is getting married to Shruthi. Will send across the invite once things are fixed. We will keep up to our promises like last year, be it kf or arogya, We will serve it good. There is also gonna be a special light music performance that evening!

Stay tuned for more updates..


Anonymous said...

'small house' eh? ;)

Vijesh said...

I wish :P