Sunday, May 24, 2009


This short vacation at home comes to an end. It's still like morning seven o clock when I got down at the Coimbatore junction. And now it's almost time to board again.Feels like proving those Physics lessons wrong when they said, "Light travels the fastest." Sir, Ain't time traveling faster? I almost squeezed all that needed to be done in this vacation other than cleaning that virus from the old pc. Enjoyed Coimbatore weather, yeah as I promised my neighbour, I didn't step out of home. Mom still makes the peekangai poriyal and Vegetable biryani the same Godly tasty way.

And yeah, Chennai lost in the Semi's to its bitter rival Bangalore. Supporting Chennai when you live in Bangalore is hard. You find Bangalore supporters all around. ;) Still I managed to win words until the semis. Chennai played badly, they are to blame for the loss. No big score by any of the players and hence we failed. Surely Dhoni should plot and pick a good team next season. Please,no more Balaji. :)

Monaco GP was fun, watched the Brawn team cross the finish line 1, 2. A team that looked finished last December and today the number one contenders for the Championship.

I keep getting meticulous reminders of take this, take that. At last my Dad wrote this post-it and stuck it on the mirror at my height. I guess I didn't miss any of it. :) Now watching the Tamil version of Spiderman (Silanti-manithan)


Sankar said...

No Balaji. No Goni as well ;-)

Anonymous said...

Do you think its possible for me to eat puli kozhambu with peerkangai poriyal and vegetable biryani together for lunch? :P

Vijesh said...

You know what peerkangai poriyal goes well with rasam satham. :) you will taste depending on what you get for me from there? ;)