Monday, May 18, 2009

Recession is finally doing good

I wonder if I really predicted this economic slowdown when I wrote about an alternate profession. Well, for now, I still do what I do best.

Its close to nice months since Lehman Brothers filled bankruptcy and some signs of recovery started to surface. But still we got a long marathon to run before things are stable again. This economic slowdown had its ill effects of many losing their source of income and sigh note when you talk to your friends who have been stuck up with this. But some good signs have really started to show up, in terms of the alternate profession each one is opting for!
IT is no more a preferred job by all!
  • Tamilnadu Public Service commission exam Group1 had record number of applicants to write the preliminary exam this year.
  • Union Public Service Commission exam UPSE has been a talk among many now a days.
  • I saw my roomies talk about ISRO and DRDO. It would be the highest profiled technical job in the Country. A recent test by ISRO had a record turn around of students.
  • There has been call for various levels of officers in Bank like Central Bank, Indian Bank, State Bank of India etc. Many students who are recent college graduates have opted and joined as probationary officers in the recent recruitment.
  • Interestingly many have started to go for higher studies. Instead of sitting at home, they are equipping themselves more in this slump period.
  • Railway exams for a post in Indian railways is also in demand.
  • I even find my friends wating to try their hand in cinematography!
All said and done, we are hoping people do not return back to IT under the impression that they can make more money in small time. Well that would only reduce the quality! Happy Coding!!!


Unknown said...


Just stumbled across your blog. Its amazing, you seem to write very well and are a regular blogger.

Hoping to see many more interesting posts, Good Job!


Vijesh said...


Thanks! & Welcome here!

Revathi said...

This is very interesting, good, and informative writing. There is always other side of the coin, if people see the other side with discerning eyes, life would be wonderful, meaningful, and purposeful.
Your subject of the blog is awesome and varies from each and every blog. Keep on writing like this and make a difference.

Vijesh said...

Thank You! :)