Saturday, June 6, 2009

Angels & Daemons

The first Robert Langdon movie I watched after reading the book was Da Vinci code but then the movie did not meet the expectations. This time I tried the other way around for Angels & Daemons. After lot of "Go, No Go" meetings ,I watched the movie. two days back. Ah, I should say the movie was good. Well, one aspect I liked is the fast paced screen play. You'd need that pace to squeeze the book into a movie. But I got comments from my friends that the screen play is different from the storyline of the book.

Due to the recent misunderstanding between the producers and Multiplex owners, the movie was not screened in PVR or any other multiplexes in Bangalore. This landed us in a theatre called "Rex" Sigh! Such a poor poor poor theatre, with NO push back seats, NO good ac around the theatre and more than all the seats were arranged on the same height, which means you need to bend and watch the movie between two heads in front of you. :/ I had to pay 150+20(convenience charge) for this crap!

On the way to washroom, there was a coin condom booth installed. Drop coins and collect condoms. What an idea Sir'ji.


Ramana KV said...

Movie is entertaining.. At just 100 bucks per ticket, 'Urvashi' theater seems like a better option than Rex.

Vijesh said...

Very true. :( Wonder who fixes these prices for the theaters.