Sunday, September 7, 2008

கண்மணி அன்போட காதலன்

Disclaimer: Any part of this post directly or indirectly relate to my employer or great artist behind this song.

Just a small thought of what will happen if a nerd composes the same song with his nerdish girl friend. This song is just a reminder of "machan peru madurai..." song that we composed for srihari in hostel. Just incase your browser does not render the font properly, thy this image version.

Update: Due to issues in rendering this font, I'm doing a Ctrl+Shift+End and del for the text. Until I really complete the text version. Please use the image version.


Sankar said...

Neither the text nor the image works for me. Why not use a standard standard ;) TSCII ?

Vijesh said...

Yes I could have used standard fonts, but then it was getting tough for me to compose with transliteration. So I was depended on word editing a pre-composed verse. The font name was Bamini. I will update with standard font when I get time.

Flickr was my fault. I din make the photo public, so you were not able to access. Since I was logged in the browser I tested this, it din trouble me for that url. Hope some mess is cleared now.

Anonymous said...

Nice one :) Enjoyed reading it.

Sankar said...

Nice one.

>>> Manager unarndhu kolla idhu saadharana bug alla

Managers will not understand bugs anyway ;) even if it is normal . may be PRD , SRS etc. should fit their bill.

Vijesh said...

hii, Thanks. long time since seeing you around.. Welcome back.

Thanks. Have you started thinking like one, sitting in that room? LoL.