Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Take Ergonomics seriously or get screwed up

Nosocomephobia - Fear of Hospitals.

Did you know that I hate to going to the hospital? Even worse was going alone, really no one to tell whats happening behind you. I have sandwiched my fingers in a half a ton heavy drainage lid or turned my finger in opposite direction or shed some flesh with some unattended blade on a playing ground. I never cared about them when they really happen in front of me. Behind me is something I really don appreciate. I ended up in this undisclosed name hospital (lets call it CMH) waiting for undisclosed name doctor. Last time I ended up paying 100 bucks for a 2 min hair cut, see how I spent it this time.

There she was waiting for her patients and I went to her room. The "Easy HMS" (guess what.. Its Hospital Management System) did not tell my name. There are two others patients with name "smitha" & "Raj". She asked me to go to the door and yell those names and see if they were there. Damm! Am I the ward boy. They were not there and she used the ester egg in HMS and spiked my rank to one.

Without an advocate I started talking and said I had a kind of next sprain or stiff next. She asked me to pull the chair and come near. Then she picked up her stethoscope and checked if my pulse was proper. Wooo! Yes my heart was beating. :) Good. She then asked from when I was having this pain, I said 2 day! Immediately she poured, "What were you doing for the last two days?" Good question, but I don have a answer. Diagnose two, where in the neck are you having this pain? I somehow managed to mark the area. She then nodded and took the BP of mine. Damm! Pulse and PB for a neck sprain. She was done and she started writing.

To impress her higher authority and fill the space in a sheet. She decided to write, write and write. She wrote more than what she spoke. OMG! She even forgot the spelling of the tablet, She writes in air first and then writes on my paper. I then asked, should I lie down on a flat surface or should I have a support when I sit. She said, not needed the physiotherapy would take care of it. I then ended up as, "pay for the physio and then follow the tablets". Damm! money money and fking money.

The Physio was interesting too. Ok! This physiotherapy doctor is restless, since all her patients took the 6-8 slot. Since that's the last and its fully loaded. To hold the ultrasonic clips across by back, she tied up a thread in a lingerie kind of setup. (House wifes don stop talking...) There was a female some 2 beds away and she asks the same question again and again. How boring they are: Doctor repeats it again and again to every one don come tomorrow at this time, I will whip you! Better come early. I vowed I will.

Vijay tweeted me of an interesting treatment of the sprain (watch the last part of the video). Dude it really worked. There was me sitting at the first seat and this cute girl with round face and big eyes with yellow salwar! Finding someone desperately to ask "BTM, BTM". I was watching and was not in a great mood to speak out. So I nodded out shaking my head up and down with which she definitely nailed that this will go to BTM and got in. Shit! I had a complaint of stiff neck.

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