Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Login 2008

The expectations were meet this year again is how I would like to begin. Only four things come to my mind this Login. First time I was standing in my Hod's room for not doing anything wrong. Just a friendly talk with sir and few other Alumnus. It was great talking to him and meeting few other faculty, unfortunately Dr. Navaneethan sir had his classes so was not able to spend much time with us.

Being the Judge of Software presentation for Login 2008. It was a honor to sit in the first row and judge some really cool algorithmic implementations. Firstly thanks to Senthil for inviting me. Also I was thrilled and privileged to sit along side with Dr. Anitha and my first batch Alumnus. To be frank, I was bit tensed on going there. Since I din do much preparation of solving it. But really an awesome job done by the software presentation team. They had gone in and out of the software that were submitted and provided the judges with a summary of each software. Whats the pros and cons of the implementation, what the algorithmic design used and a rigid set of test cases with their pass/fail status. This made life so much easier for me. CIT and NIT won the first and second place. CIT took it for a good algo and software UI. NIT won for his solid algorithmic design and presentation skills. Others either someone else project or had the worst implementation. Even ended up having a debate with Anitha mamm about an implementation and was even questioned by some juniors of how I found an approach in the algo interesting. :) Signs are good.

There is less space in college to walk even. Every where multi storied class rooms are coming and they are connected by steel structures in air. Even the two-wheeler stand is vanished and a 5 floor building is coming up. Production dept industry is wiped off, some parts of the industry are converted to class rooms. :) No chairs to sit in cafe and have long chats. Had my lemon tea finally after 2 years.

Entertainment, the synonymous thought that strikes when Login is told. Even after sleeping for 1 hour their spirits and energy level was go great. :) Esp the first years and second years were stunning. Ping me back so that I would share the rest of the photos and videos. :)

After so much hesitation decided to bore my juniors with some lecture. Just another routine of what my seniors did to us. (Though it was not boring, I know laks would kick my ass if I said so :) ) We had some questions to answer. Thought Sri was in full flow we had our peanut time slot to talk. :) Altogether it was great fun going to Tech soil again.

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