Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Story Time - 2 (Drink Responsibly)

Sankaran pillai is back. Sankaran pillai is a father who wanted to teach his son everything. Both good and bad. So this time he takes his son to the bar. He places order for himself and his son. They both drink and time passes by. He keeps repeating the order and they continue drinking, talking and laughing. Now his son had this BIG doubt, when should I stop drinking? What the amount after which I would that I'm done?

He posted Sankaran pillai the same question. Sankaran pillai thinks for a moment and wanted to really impress his son with an answer. So he wants an example, so looks around him and replies, "Look at that table in the right? Yes papa, I do. There are those 4 men who are drinking, when those 4 men become 8 men to your eyes. It means you are done and its time to go home.

Boy looks stumped and says, "But there are only 2 people sitting at the table."

Narrator: Sadhguru


Revathi said...

What do you want to convey by this story? Could not understand. To drink reasonably or not to drink at all? What is your opinion. You had just blurred. Be clear in your views.

Vijesh said...

Drinking is injurious to health, never get used to it. No second thought about it. Here, there is a funny ending to the story where Sankaran pillai is already high. So its time for him to go home. :) In that way "Drink Responsibly" fits there.

Amudhan said...

I think there was only one guy in that other table. What do you think?

damodarakkannan a said...

good one. i think, its on the lines of Reader's Digest (Humour in uniform, all in a day's work) stuff