Friday, October 5, 2007

Oct 6th - Oct 7th

This week has been calm so far! :) I came down to Bangalore with poor health and slowly recovering. Still, I'm not in great spirits to move around, work and be normal. Tiredness shadows me always. Still, collecting my best spirits and getting ready for my Department picnic to Wayanad. I had already been there last year with my college guys (read here). Only one new place I'm going to visit from my last trip. So its not that much fun. Still my Canon is pending so my eyes and fingers don't have much work again in this trip. Will write my travelogue if it was interesting. :P

Will be missing the Alumni meet in Bangalore. (Esp Tekmusic). Even the weekend cricket planned with Juniper Network employees.

Signing of from a sluggish Friday evening! Cheers


Srihari said...

Dude You gng to rock the weekend!!! Enjoy the trip to Wayanad " The land of Paddy".. Be a navigator and help your team mates out :) Try taking them to Chembra Peak ..

Vijesh said...

Thanks Sri. But I can't take your post just because of my poor Malayalam skills.

Chembra peak not this time, wish we will make another appointment with Pavithran in future :)

Anonymous said...

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Vijesh said...

Dear Mom,
I will take of myself. Don worry! As I always say, i'm not a kid yet. :)

Anyway, happy that even my mom tracks my blog. :)