Monday, October 8, 2007

I'm a Mafia

Not a real mafia :). But play a game called - Mafia. In my own words, its a personality game were a group of people take up undisclosed roles (Mafia (bad guy), police, doctor, villagers). They brainstorm and create conversation within the group in eliminating the Mafia. This would involve lots of logistics in finding out who the bad guy is. The way you speak, the way you react, your gestures everything counts. Collect fact and infer upon to find bad guys. I got a great set of expert Mafia's in my office. I promise you, its addictive.

A game with average of 9-12 people would run for several hours. This wiki page, makes you learn more. Even Princeton is addicted. Google around to find more links. Got a question, or wanna to become Mafia. Shoot back...

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