Sunday, October 21, 2007


Yes last weeks rain has confirmed that Winter has begun. Mornings have started to become chill and day by day its getting lazier to get out of bed. :) Even Barcamp Bangalore winter edition is announced as Nov 17 & 18th. Subscribe to mailing list or keep looking at website/blogs for more updates. What else in winter, started to dig my warm cloths and wear it to office.

As a Software Engineer in Bangalore, what concerns me the most for winters. "Dogs, dogs and dogs..." Yes the stray dogs have increased drastically. Take a night drive in a car (def not in your two-wheeler) you will know the difference. Precaution to me as well as my other dear engg, when you return back working late from office. Do ask your respective cabs to drop you at your door step. Even though its the usual dark road you have walked several times, avoid it at late nights. Also please don hurt dogs, they don harm us, until you make the first move.

Happy Winter!


Srihari said...

indeed Yes!!! Its raining Dogs in Bengeluru . Streets are filled with stray dogs and as vijesh rightly said beware of them @ late nights. You might be the only one walking on the road and noone to help u out .

Barcamp !! Whoowh , I dont want to miss it this time around. Vijesh give me a reminder once its there :-)

Vijesh said...

sure Sri. You are in for this time. :)