Monday, October 29, 2007

Energy Conservation - Update

I wonder if the Infrastructure maintenance team here in Novell, Bangalore just read my blog post on Energy Conservation. OMG - There was a complete black out in our office around 6:45 :-) First the lights went off, then bamm every system, monitor, phone got powered off. Every inch was dark.

I could hear everyone cursing! I can hear ppl saying, "Oh God - I din save it. Finally I can stop working. Go home. You cant even call anyone, even the Phone is gone!" When things resumed and went off again think what my neighbor would do! :-)

But still, "To Err is Human..."


Puthali said...

Ah, i see u have changed ur theme color... :P
'n blackout, it dint occur in the other building...though when it occured, we were dancing in cafetaria'n man was it a fun scene! :)

Vijesh said...

Ya putali
Got an update on that. Seems that the beauty was afraid of dark :P
She ran and hugged the pole :)