Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nokia BL-5C

Recently SMS are flooding with this text. "BL-5C" - It has been reported by Nokia that certain set of batteries manufactured by Matsushita Battery Industrial Co. Ltd. of Japan between December 2005 and November 2006, dislodge on some short circuit scenario. Relax, first lets confirm if its not a hoax! This official report from Nokia confirms that its not a hoax! Wait, now don rush to the nearest Nokia showroom for an battery exchange, your request might be declined. In Nokia's official announcement, he has given a simple way to check if your batteries belongs to a replaceable category. You can send Nokia your battery identification number and verify it. You can do that the end of this page. Fortunately mine, dad, mom mobiles are not inc in the replaceable list.

Mobiles have become part of everyones life. They always stay close to us than any other electronic gadget. When you talk of mobiles, here are few things to remember. Not just Nokia, anything.
  • Never use Mobile in Driving (THUMB rule)
  • Never use them in Gas stations.
  • Never use them in when they are in Charging. Contradiction (When your loved ones are at the other end, you don wanna to disconnect the call by putting it in charge and cont speaking)
  • Use branded chargers to charge them. (We have the habit of saving money by buying a duplicate, which ultimately can cost your mobile life)
  • Replace damaged parts with genuine parts.
  • Do not keep them in pant pockets (I don have a reliable source to support this)
  • Do not keep loud weird ring tones and annoy others. (courtesy: Srihari)
You want to voice on any more things to remember, write a comment to get added in the list.


Srihari said...

Please dont get into more confusions like this , get a Moto one :) ...

A good summary of dont's while uing a mobile phone ..

I also want to add one more to this..

Please make sure your ring tones are not weird and making huge noise , it really irritates others..

Sankar said...

>>> Never use them in when they are in Charging.

Why ? Because it might burst ?,,45550,00.html?faqTopicId=72&step=step3#3605

If you are still unconvinced, use hands-free.

Your point about duplicate-charger is perfectly valid.

Vivek said...

dude, me using a Moto Mobile! May be my predicted in advance abt d problems Nokia wud face!

sagopal said...

The authenticity of Nokia’s website check is dubious – for, no matter what number is entered, the same msg appears effectively saying that your battery is not eligible for replacement.

Try this experiment – type in any random 26-digit entry – for instance, ‘abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz’ or ‘00000000000000000000000000’ and see what you get!

All the more curious, when you consider that the advertised alternative solutions don’t work either – Nokia’s service number (080-3030-3838) is not reachable from a mobile or a landline, and the SMS (5555) fails too.

Vijesh said...

Good point brought up gopal.
We got a danger mobile in our house itself. For Santy's battery it didn't say you are not eligible for change. so he's in a doubt if he needs to change or what.